GRAND FORCE's Electronic SPAM Countermeasure Campaign


What is this page about?

This page is built to attempt to slow down Spam bots from collecting e-mail addresses off the web via spam programs.
The purpose of this page is to poison the Spam bots with worthless non-existing email addresses which will force them to clear out their list which will clear all the email addresses including all the real emails it may have.


How does this page work?

This page produces 30~50 random non-existing email addresses each time it is loaded.
The spam bot will collect all of these email addresses and after it has completed the list, there is a link followed after which the bot will follow hence collecting more nonsense email addresses.
This is GF's attempt to DEFEND against Spam.


How can I help GF defend against spam?

If you would like to help us defend against spam then simply just add a link wherever you can.
You can try adding links onto:
 - Forums/Message Boards
 - Your Website
 - Guest books
 - Blogs

Please link to:

Codes for participation
For forum user For webmaster
For forum user (standard image URL version) For webmaster (standard image URL version)


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